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This photo shows smoke detection equipment that has been removed. It is important that smoke detection equipment is properly installed and routinely maintained. Routine maintenance will help to promote life safety. Fire safety is just one aspect of the home inspection that can help save you troub...

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When considering utility equipment such as electrical panels, water heating equipment, transformer, HVAC equipment, etc… It is important to maintain adequate clearance around these items. The will promote access in the event of an emergency as well as proper equipment maintenance and performance...

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This is a photo of a bathroom vent fan exhaust pipe. This is not an acceptable way of carrying the moisture from the shower to the exterior. Routing these hoses to the roof ventilation system will prove to be ineffective. It is important to remove excess moisture outside of the home to prevent da...

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When expanding the home by adding additional rooms, it’s import to know the facts and proper building practices associated. An improperly sloped roof can allow water to damage the home. Imagine, a nice new addition with a leaking roof. When your considering buying a home, Commercial building or M...

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When it comes to building a new home or place of business, it’s important to know that the proper building practices are in place. A pre-drywall inspection can save you time and money by identifying defects before the structure is complete. During this inspection, my focus is on all exposed frami...

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When it comes to the water that is supplying your home, it’s important to know the details. You cook with it, bathe in it, etc… when purchasing a home, many FHA loans require water testing on homes that have a private water source. A few of the contaminates found in water are E Coli, Coliform, Le...

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Extension cords are not considered to be permanent wiring. It is important to exercise caution, safety and responsibility when installing new appliances or decorating for the holidays.

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It is important that the entire system is intact and without damage. This is a photo of damaged flashing on a newer home. This defect will allow water to enter the home and cause major damage. Before you sell your home or invest ...

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When it comes to your homes electrical system, Having the properly sized and secured wiring is very important. This will help prevent hidden fire hazards. When you need a thorough home inspection, trust Spector!


6 months ago
Spector Inspections, an exceptional service hands down! You can feel confident that Zac will look EVERYWHERE in your home inspection to ensure that every system and structure in your new home (or existing) is in working order. He provides a clean, easy to read report that will outline any areas of concern that may require further attention. He was patient and willing to answer any questions or provide a personal overview onsite while the inspection was occurring. His care of the property was also evident with the professional equipment he came with, taking time to ensure nothing was left out of place or damaged during the process. Hire Spector today for confidence in knowing what you are buying (or selling)!
- Harold D
6 months ago
Zac was awesome! He did my home inspection in a professional and timely matter. I would recommend him to anyone at anytime. Keep up the great work!!
- Hector D
9 months ago
I am happy to post this review of Zac's inspection of our recently purcghased home in Graham, North Carolina. I was encouraged to be present for the inspection performed by Zac Patterson of Spector Inspections. Zac is a well informed and courteous man who not only did the inspection but also explained what he was doing as he went along with his duties. He never got in a hurry, was very thorough, and took extra time to explain the few deficiencies he found. He made us feel comfortable with the structural function and integrity of our new home. He was cordial in his approacvh to his duties and followed his industry's standard of ethics to a "t". I am proud to have met him and feel like he became a resourc e for my wife and I. I would HIGHLY recommend Zac Patterson of Spector Inspections to anyone buying a home. the Home Inspection industry should be proud of his representint them so well. Dr. Ewing von Schmittou
- Ewing v

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